Increase Sign-ups Through Targeted Messaging


Website Copy Audit For Better Conversions

Increase Sign-ups Through Targeted Messaging


Website Copy Audit For Better Conversions

Did you DIY your copy and now wonder if it’s any good?


Visitors dropping off your webpage faster than you can say, “what on earth…”?

Let me help.

I’ll run my copy lens through your website, looking out for more than just copy. I’ll audit your website copy, sentence by sentence and point out problem areas. I’ll also provide actionable suggestions you can implement right now to improve your conversions.

You’ll get magnetic website copy that’s ready to pull clients in once they land in your website. That’s more leads, more sign-ups and more engagement for your business

How Does It Work?

First things first, you need to already have a clear knowledge of who your website copy is written for, aka your target market or ideal client. I can help you best, if you have this information available.

  • You get your website copy audit package.
  • Send me an email with the following information:
    • Your Ideal Client Profile
    • Links to 3 competitor websites
    • Client testimonials
  • You get my email within 24 hours, confirming I have received your message.
  • If you’d like to schedule a call to clarify your copy goals or discuss your business and target audience, my email confirmation will include a link for you to do so.
  • Once you’ve provided me with all required information, your website copy audit report will be ready within 3 days.

What You Get :

  • An audit of 3 (most important) pages of your website.
  • A 30-minute video review.
  • A pdf report with actionable suggestions you can implement immediately.
  • 1 round of revision.
  • A 20% discount, if you decide to hire me to write your website copy .

Why a Website Copy Audit?

Less than the cost of a full website rewrite, a website copy audit gives you higher conversions for a much lower investment.

You will get clear on specific areas of your copy that need to be tweaked to evoke desired reactions from your website visitors.

You will also know what mistakes to avoid when writing your own copy. This will train your intuition to recognize what works and what doesn’t.

How Much Does It Cost?

My website copy audit package costs $497

“I love how her copy sparkles”

Ngozika is a creative copywriter who has a keen understanding of how to influence people with words. She possesses a rare combination of persuasive and creative writing skills plus excellent attention to detail. I love how her copy sparkles. My only suggestion would be that she should charge more; so, hire her before she puts her prices up. –Henneke Duistermaat,  Enchanting Marketing

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