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Words That Get You Paid



Do you feel called to a purpose bigger than you?

Would you like to draw a steady stream of clients into your mission-driven business, while helping others achieve their purpose too?

Words that make impact are every change-maker’s best friend. But when those words also turn clicks to clients, your dream as an entrepreneur is made.

I can help with that!

Hi, I’m Ngozika

I’m a creative copywriter for coaches, consultants and visionary entrepreneurs who want to make a difference. I’m here to make your business sparkle with magnetic messaging, so you can attract your soulmate clients. I’ve worked with coaches, consultants, digital marketers, integrators, and creative entrepreneurs. And now, I’d love to work with you to bring your big idea to life.


How I Help You Win More Customers


Website Copywriting 

Want your big idea captured with the right words? Need to stand out and get your dream clients to hire you?

How do you get into your customer’s head to know what they really want?

I do a deep dive into your target market. I ask questions (lots of questions) and drill down to their pain points.

Then, I turn the research into drop-dead gorgeous copy that’ll get them craving to work with you.

Email copy & strategy 

 You’ve got a message the world needs to hear. You want better relationships with your audience?

How do you stand out as a thought leader in your niche?  How do you write what people want to hear?

I will work with you to establish your goals and define the right strategy that aligns with your overall big picture. You’ll get emails that are crisp, engaging and have your subscribers fall over themselves to open your emails. You’ll grow a loyal audience and sell more as a result. 

sales pages 

You’ve got an idea for the perfect offer. We need to make sure it sells.

How do you get dream clients to buy? How do you get prospects to snap up your offer even before it hits the shelf?

I’ll take what we know about your ideal client and craft a sales page that hits the right chord – you know – the one that scratches their itch in the sweetest spot?

You’ll get copy that’s crisp, clear and more importantly, persuasive.


word making the rounds…

“I love how her copy sparkles”

Ngozika is a creative copywriter who has a keen understanding of how to influence people with words. She possesses a rare combination of persuasive and creative writing skills plus excellent attention to detail. I love how her copy sparkles. My only suggestion would be that she should charge more; so, hire her before she puts her prices up. 

Henneke Duistermaat,  Writing Coach, Author & Founder – Enchanting Marketing.


“Ngozika…exceeded my expectations”

When I hired Ngozika, I was hoping to have copy that I would be proud of and comfortable to use on my website – something that sounded like me.

What can I say… working with Ngozika was a wonderful experience! I particularly found her questionnaire most interesting. It made me think through what I really wanted to say and portray. Before working with her, I couldn’t put all that into words but Ngozika has a way to make that happen.

She helped me clarify what I do and had always wanted to say on my website, and wrote copy that I am proud to use and which reflects who I am and can offer.

She not only met but exceeded my expectations; I am so pleased with the results.

Sylvie Robert
Integration Specialist, Sylvie Robert Digital Marketing

READY to have your expectations exceeded with