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In my preteens/early teens, I wore my kinky-thick African hair short. I don’t remember why but it was very “convenient.” It supported my queer habit of sticking my pen or pencil in my hair, like the local carpenter did.

Weird fashion sense, eh?

My folks were always vexed by this and after several rounds of advising me against this annoying fad, Dad sternly warned me to stop or else…

One thing, in particular, that made him freak out was, on several occasions, I’d be looking for my pen. I’d turn the whole house upside down searching for it, only to realize it was right there on my head.


Isn’t that indicative of how we sometimes search for solutions on the outside, only to realize that all the answers were right there with us?

And it’s not just us as individuals; it’s us as entrepreneurs. We struggle to find material that connects with our audience. We’re ever looking for the perfect message, the right content, the most shareable one-liner…which only makes sense, because…

…what’s the use of speaking, if no one’s listening, right?

Imagine that you didn’t have to bend over backward to find things to share with your audience. What if A1 content is right under your nose or, I should say, in your head?

What if, instead of the blank screen staring at you, you were energetically drumming away on your keyboard, and your cursor was literally pleading, “wait, let me catch my blink breath!”

I think it is possible. Well, almost.

Okay, I know that’s some exaggeration but… you get the point. You want to have access to a never-ending stream of content that gets them swooning. Well…

Enter Storytelling – the oldest of all art.

Storytelling has been with us since Paradise was lost. From the point when Adam and Eve were ousted from the Garden of Eden and started procreating, I imagine they would have told their children stories – about the time when they had everything and why now they had to toil for daily bread. I see Cain and Abel asking questions and demanding answers. I believe they took those stories to heart and made meaning out of them.

Remember when one world ended and another began? When Noah and his family went through the Great Deluge and emerged on the other side? They would have had their children gather at their feet listening to them tell stories of the pre-flood era and why it mattered.

My point? Storytelling has been with us since we were. It will remain with us until Paradise is regained.

Whether you’re writing an email sequence, blog post or web copy, you need well-thought-out narratives. If you’re building a brand, you need a story. Your client testimonials are stories. Even your case studies, which are some of the most powerful marketing tools, are stories.

You have everything you need to build your content. The best part of it is, new stories are born every day, so, you have a never-ending supply.

As you wade through this thing called business, stories will come to you. Let them – stories from your past, stories from today and even stories from the future. Yes, let your imagination run wild. Sci-Fi anyone?

When you share those narratives, you tell a bigger story of who you are and how you got here. You empower your audience, telling them you know where they are and you’re right there with them. Most of all, you communicate your vision of what’s possible.

You win them over.

And, guess what, the world will never be the same again because, now, it is yours.