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Let’s talk about how to make a potential client choose YOU above the competition.

Likely, at some point in your life, you’ve been wooed by 2 people or more at the same time. How did you decide who to go with? You followed your heart, I suppose. You picked the person who resonated with you the most.

So, how can you wrestle a potential client’s attention from your competition?

Make her a heroine.

Tell HER story, and in the language she understands. When she sees herself in the story, she’s more than ready to act out the script.

Of course, your goal is not only to attract attention but to make an impression. Let your words reverberate in her mind. That’s what will make her come back, or stay.

But why is it important to tell her story? Two reasons:

– First, it shows that you “get” her. That you understand what she’s going through. This is what grabs her attention.

– Second, it puts you in the position of a guide that she needs. And that’s a good place to be. Now, she needs you, so she stays with you.

Stories are at the core of human identity. It’s who we are. It’s us. When you tell your customer’s story, you connect on a deep level. You have her heart. And that’s what you need – the heart.

And remember, if you can’t reach into their heart, you can reach into their wallets either.

So, what’s your brand story?

And more importantly, how are you telling it?

When you need brand stories that will make an uncommon impact, book a call with me here.

So now what?

Well, nothing. Except, you know it’s literally in your hands now. The only thing standing between you and your ideal clients is this: Click here to Make Uncommon Impact.