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Prompts, Ideas & Nudges To Inspire You

Copy Nuggets


Prompts, Ideas & Nudges To Inspire You


I write from the heart. Always.


I hope I can inspire you to do the same, so your audience will love you.


On my blog, you’ll find less of writing techniques and jargon. You’ve probably had your fill of those.

What I offer is more of “letting your heart flow into your words.”

After all is said and done, we act with our hearts.

So, let’s speak to it, as we should, and preserve the sanctity of this beautiful gift.


How To Make A Prospect Choose You Above Your Competition

Let’s talk about how to make a potential client choose YOU above the competition.Likely, at some point in your life, you’ve been wooed by 2 people or more at the same time. How did you decide who to go with? You followed your heart, I suppose. You picked...

A Case For Storytelling In Content Strategy

In my preteens/early teens, I wore my kinky-thick African hair short. I don’t remember why but it was very “convenient.” It supported my queer habit of sticking my pen or pencil in my hair, like the local carpenter did.Weird fashion sense, eh?My folks were...

Time -Tested, This Technique Draws Your Readers In

Do you crave instant connection with your ideal reader? Like, within 10 seconds into your message, it just “clicks,” and your reader knows she wants you in her life? I feel you, totally. You’ve put in so much passion into your business. You’ve done the time. You’ve...

Will You Document Your Hero’s Journey?

If you’re an introvert, you probably shy away from the limelight. And even if you’re an extrovert, there’ll be times when you simply want to hide away. But sometimes, the limelight yanks the covers off you and screams, “lights, camera, action!” It’s all...